Competition Policy and Firm Investments
Almeida Costa, Afonso and Pedro Pita Barros. 2012. ''Does a Tougher Competition Policy Reduce or Promote Investment?'' Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 12(1): 119-141.
Organizational Knowledge
Almeida Costa, Afonso, Maciej Workiewicz, and Gabriel Szulanski. 2016. ''On the Foundations of Organizational Knowledge: Interview with Professor Sidney G. Winter.'' Journal of Management Inquiry 25(2): 223-231.
Working Papers
Internal Capital Allocations and Competitive Conduct
Almeida Costa, Afonso and Javier Gimeno. ''Responsiveness to Market Opportunities and Performance: An Internal Capital Allocation Perspective.''
Almeida Costa, Afonso. ''Firms' Internal Capital Allocations and Market Entry Decisions: Adding a "Behavioral-Theory-of-the-Firm" Perspective.''
Almeida Costa, Afonso, Karel Cool, and Javier Gimeno. ''Resource Acquisition Windfalls and Firm Aggressiveness in Output Markets: Evidence from Input Hedging in Electricity Generation.''
Research in Progress
Internal Capital Allocations
''Internal Capital Allocations in Management Research'' (with Metin Sengul and Javier Gimeno)
- Stage: Framing